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welcome to my twisted mind

leave if you must, stay if you want...

Ok, there are a lot of things about me. I love books. I love music. I love my family and friends. I just happen to enjoy romance or anything related to... er... relationships. It doesn't matter whether it is a man and a woman, or if they are the same sex. Love is not biased. Love knows no boundaries.

Im a mess of insecurities, and yet I can be very confident when i want to be, or if i have to be. I love music from every genre, from classical to heavy metal.I can be out-going, or laid back. I can enjoy stories about queens and thieves, a boy wizard and his destiny, a boy genius who relates with the People of the LEPrecon squad, or stories about vampires. I love anything that is interesting.

I love writing songs, poetry and of course, stories. I have so many fanfiction stories written at home, but i just cant seem to get off my ass and encode them all (i write with the old- fashioned pen and paper).

I'm not very easy to understand sometimes, but if i like the same stuff as you, friend me, and whenever you post, you will most likely have at least one comment from me. ^_____^